Ahoy ClubAn app that allows users to charter a yacht in less than three minutes.

1. Project Overview


Currently in the market there is no product or platform that could seamlessly allow users to charter a yacht quickly. Chartering a boat can be a complicated, opaque and expensive business. It’s slow and cumbersome and difficult to manoeuvre through. Just trying to find out the pricing is a lengthy process that involves contacting a yacht broker.


Ahoy Club helps aid users charter a yacht in less than three minutes.


User research, User Interviews, Persona Creation, User Journey, Information Architecture, User App Flow, Wireframes, and User Testing


Adobe XD (Wireframes), Marvel (Prototype), Zeplin (Packaging)


2. Discovery


Before even diving into the features and the overall UX for Ahoy Club, I conducted a couple product competitive analyses to gain a better understanding of the goal setting apps already in the market:

1 / 2
2 / 2

Yacht Charter Fleet

After looking at the many yacht charter tools and resources available to users, many of these apps were usually designed to function as a way for users to enquire only about yacht charters. Many lacked a book now function.

3. User Persona

Based on the reseach found in the discovery period of the project I developed a user persona, David which helped in making informed design decisions as I had the end user always in mind.

4. Style guide

A UI style guide was created for designers and developers to reference in order to keep a cohesive and consistent user experience. 

5. Wireframe

A wireframe was developed to provide clarification to what users will expect to interact with on certain screens of the app and the flow of the website.

6. Prototype

7. User Testing

We tested our wireframes against key tasks with our Ahoy Club prototype. This helped us identify user frustrations we needed to address so we could improve our designs. 

Here is some feedback and observations we received from user testing: 


• He went to using gestures he was familiar with (i.e. scrolling) in order to start searching for yachts to charter.

• In order to search yachts in the West Mediterranean he ignored the destinations page and went straight to the yacht search section at the top of the page.

• Feedback: Mentioned that after going to yacht details there was no back button to go back to yacht search, so he would have to go back to yacht search and refill in all input fields.


• When creating her profile she had a hard time signing up without social media sign up (Facebook)

• She also had a hard time finding my account with the icons, confusing my profile with “home” and edit profile with “my account”.

• She completely went through the entire booking process and found chartering a yacht pretty easy.

• Feedback: Mentioned that a virtual tour would be helpful in knowing how to use the app. 

8. Key Learnings

• Taking the time to empathize with users helps with understanding and identifying the context, emotions, goals, and motivations that affects a user’s interaction with a product. This is a core value that must be carried over throughout an entire project cycle from discovery to design iteration. 

• Establishing a clear vision and mission statement helps ground a project and keeps focus on the development process of an app.