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Lauren Metzler 10 Days Comic 1

10 Days Travel Comic

10 days is a travel comic I created 10 years ago, but one that I love looking back on!

This travel comic helped define my illustration style, before I even knew I had one. And although I cringe at how easily I fell in love back then, I can’t help but remember the amount of effort that went in to this very simple and short comic.

Lauren Metzler 10 Days Travel Comic 3

At the time, I was teaching kindergarten in Thailand, and drew everything with paper and pencil. I had to find a scanner in the village I lived in, which was in itself a nearly impossible task. I finally found a scanner at a little old ladies pharmacy/grocery/laundry shop. It cost me around 10 Baht per scan, that I put onto a thumbdrive, then sent to my brother (who is a graphic designer) to help me put together as a proper comic. He then sent it back to me for me to print and give to my boyfriend at the time.

Lauren Metzler 10 Days Travel Comic

It was definitely a labour of love, and one that I wish I would have kept pursuing continuously because my initial idea was to draw comics about all of my travels abroad.

Back then, web comics weren’t really a thing. Almost nobody I knew even read comics except for the nerds I knew in Portland.

There was no Instagram.

Facebook was pretty much just for college kids.

The Internet was much lighter, and I was much much more naive when it came to love.

Anywho, I hope you enjoy!

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below and please feel free to share!

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