Osha Watercolour woman and fish by Lauren Metzler


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About Me

Lauren Metzler is an Artist & Illustrator based in Sydney’s Northern Beaches, Australia.

Originally from Oregon, Lauren spent her childhood hiking the forests and waterfalls of the Pacific Northwest. This developed a strong fascination in the hidden wonders of the forest that remains playing a reoccurring role in her illustrations and artwork.

After graduating with her Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Oregon, Lauren traveled through Southeast Asia, Japan, China, Africa, the UK, New Zealand and where she now permanently resides, Australia.

Lauren is a multidisciplinary artist that combines illustrative and fine artwork to create her inner world on canvas. Inspired by the beautiful Northern Beaches of Sydney where she now resides, she is well known for her surf culture musings, surreal characters, and portraits.

She loves exploring many different and various forms of art and creativity. She is currently working on her first children’s book and holding intuitive art workshops. Contact her for custom portraits, illustrations and art workshops.