Hello! My name is Lauren Metzler. I illustrate children’s books, custom portraits and do creative art workshops! You can hire me to do all of these things!

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Forest Friends ABC Picture Book by Lauren Metzler find out more at laurenmetzler.com

First Picture Book!!!

I’m publishing my first picture book on Amazon kindle! The past few months I’ve been working hard to develop my style as a Children’s Book Illustrator.

I first began this series when I injured my spine last year. Painting the forest friends helped heal me; foxes having tea parties, bunnies knitting tiny socks, barn owls teaching ABC’s and skunks having a cup of tea in a cozy chair. I’ve decided to compile the whimsical world of my woodland critters into an ABC book.

Pre-order Forest Friends ABC book here.


Lauren Metzler

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Lauren Metzler
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