Osha Watercolour woman and fish by Lauren Metzler


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I was interviewed live on the Today Show about my life as a Mermaid and Artist in Sydney's Northern Beaches.

Daily Mail

``Every day I could only walk 10 minutes a day. It was so painful to even go to the grocery store. Then I started mermaiding ... It's been super incredible for my recovery...``


Dawn is nearing in the Sydney beachside suburb of Manly as Metzler strolls down to the harbour and slips into a shimmery pink and turquoise tail. She scoots backward along the sand and into the chilly grey-blue water, drawing a few amused grins from commuters heading toward the nearby ferry to the city...

News Radio

I was interviewed by ABC News Radio about Mermaiding and Sydney Mermaids


Mermaiding grows in popularity among swimming professionals, hobbyists
Fans of mermaid lore are bringing the mythical creatures to life through mermaiding...

9 News

Founder of Sydney Mermaids, Lauren Metzler, told 9news.com.au she became a mermaid this year shortly after injuring her back, and was amazed of the healing effects swimming in a tail could have on her physical and mental wellbeing.
Sliding into a glamorous tail and going for a dip at the beach has now turned into an unmissable ritual for Metzler, a pastime she can't imagine her life without...


At age 23, Lauren quit her job to travel the world as an artist in search of adventure. With just a sketchbook and a couple of hundred in her account, she took her chances on the open road and has now been travelling for over 4 years...

Sea Magazine

My photography of the Himba tribe was featured in Paper Sea Magazine 2018