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100 Days of Graphic Novels – Day 28

Day 28 of 100 Days of Graphic Novels 📚

Just some cosy morning drawing right before I spill my coffee everywhere! This week is starting off strong, I can’t believe I’ve accomplished so much in so little time! This weekend I attended the CYA Conference online and was so inspired by all of the amazing presenters and Success Stories! I feel like I am on the right path towards accomplishing my goal of making my first graphic novel!

100 Days of Graphic Novels Day 28

As an Illustrator, I struggle with imposter syndrome all of the time. And as a wannabe author, even more so! My dream is to write and draw a graphic novel, so now I have to get over my imposter syndrome for both illustration AND writing! An important lesson I learned during the workshops this weekend is to just fake it til you make it, and know that everyone started somewhere. The key is to just begin…and keep going!
Day 28 of 100 Days of Graphic Novels by Lauren Metzler

I hope these little posts help inspire you to keep going, with whatever passion project you are working on!
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Lauren Metzler 100 Days of Graphic Novels