Osha Watercolour woman and fish by Lauren Metzler


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Hello! My name is Lauren and I am an Artist + Illustrator based in Sydney, Australia.  

Originally from Oregon, I spent my childhood hiking the forests and waterfalls of the Pacific Northwest. Early in life, I was introduced to the World of Faerie and other magical creatures, while also being encouraged to explore my natural surroundings. This developed a strong fascination in the hidden wonders of the forest and Magic that remains playing a reoccurring role in my illustrative work.

See my children’s book illustrations here.

Art Life

In 2009, I graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Oregon.

I love painting empowering portraits inspired by faerie tales, mermaids and moon magic. I am currently working on custom moon journals and affirmation cards, and illustrating my first children’s book about mermaids.

My work has been exhibited in art galleries in Sydney, The United States and Europe. I love painting street murals, and paint with a local, all-girl street mural artist group in Sydney. I recently won the international art battle ~ Secret Walls with Lady J.

Through Art, I hope to inspire you to tap into your inner artist and play, exploring your hidden talents and creativity!

Mermaid Life

In 2019, I injured my back and couldn’t walk without being in pain. My doctor told me to start swimming and I thought, “Why just swim when I can Mermaid swim!!?” I started swimming every day in the local ocean pool in the Northern Beaches where I call home.  First training with a monofin, I worked my way up to a tail.

Sydney Mermaids

In 2020, I founded Sydney Mermaids – a pod of Professional Mermaids and My Shop where you can find Mermaid art prints, stickers, and apparel for the Everyday Mermaid!

Let’s help save our oceans through Art & Mermaiding!

Sydney Mermaids is a safe space where Merfolk can come together and bring a little magic into their lives with creative self care, empowered movement, and body positivity – all while helping the environment!

As an Artist and Mermaid, my mission is to help save our oceans. Through beach clean-ups, recycled art workshops and our new Mermaid Shop with a percentage of sales goes directly to the Marine Conservation Society.

Lauren Metzler Sydney Mermaids

Art Workshops

I teach art workshops for all ages both in-person and online. If you have any workshop requests please get in touch!

Let’s Chat!

Do you have a story you want to come to life? Please drop me a line to say hello! Also follow me on instagram, or visit my facebook page to see more!

…and feel free to comment on my blog posts, I love getting feedback!


Art Exhibitions

Midsöle Group Art Exhibition, 2022
Fortheart For the Deckade Exhibition, 2022
Sustainability Waste 2 Art Prize Exhibition, 2022
Moss Foundation Skateboard Deck Art Show, 2022
Day of the Dead, KRVNM, 2020
Halloween in Isolation, Belle Epoque Gallery, 2020
YAW WAY Mural Festival 2020
KRVNM Wild Hearts Exhibition, 2020
NSW Bushfire Fundraiser, 2020
Living Creatures Art Exhibition, The Hippie Shop, 2019
KRVNM Resurrection, Studio Blueprint, 2019
Objectified | Ambush Gallery, 2019
Midsole Sneaker Exhibition, M2 Gallery, 2018
Secret Walls, The Standard Bowl, November 2017
Framed! Art Exhibition, Blacketts Gallery, 2016
Surf & Street Art Exhibition, Hurley Australian Open of Surfing, 2015
Duke’s Day Celebration; 100 Years of Surfing, Freshwater Beach, 2015
The Last Tree Standing, David Lynch MA Short Film Concept Sketches, 2015
Manly Surf and Street Art Group Exhibition, Painters’ Gallery, 2015
RAW Sydney Allure Art Show, Sydney University, 2014
I Heart Zombies, Belgrave Cartel, 2014
Surf Art Group Show, Kayapa Creative Studio, 2014
Chica Bonita Chili Kook Off Group Exhibition, 2014
Allure RAW Art Group Exhibition, 2014
Atelier Hunt Launch, Group Exhibition, 2014

Street Art & Murals

ARN Sound Lounge (Assistant Painter for Inkhunter Artist) 2021
YAW WAY Mural Festival 2020
Secret Walls, The Standard Bowl, November 2017

Books & Publications

“The Traveler’s Curse”, Oi Oi Oi Issue 3, ComicOz Publishing, 2014
Album cover artwork, Rhiannon the Merpire, 2014


Let's work together!

I love helping your story come to life! I specialise in fantasy book illustrations, book cover designs, and also paint custom portraits, pet portraits, murals and teach art workshops! Contact me for pricing/availability.

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