Hello! My name is Lauren Metzler. I illustrate children’s books, custom portraits and do creative art workshops! You can hire me to do all of these things!

Sydney, Australia 

Lauren Metzler About Me

About Lauren

My name is Lauren Metzler and I am an Illustrator + Designer based in Sydney, Australia.

Originally from Oregon, I spent my childhood hiking the forests and waterfalls of the Pacific Northwest. Early in life, I was introduced to the World of Faerie and other magical woodland creatures, while also being encouraged to explore my natural surroundings. This developed a strong fascination in the hidden wonders of the forest that remains playing a reoccurring role in my illustrative work.

I am inspired by everything! Travel, art, zines, Japan, Kawaii, forest critters, tea parties, yummy treats, love, old film cameras, unicorns, sprinkles, cocoa, tea and baby bunnies!

For commissions and enquiries please email me laurenrosemetzler@gmail.com

Instagram: @laurenmetzler
Email: laurenrosemetzler@gmail.com


Day of the Dead, KRVNM, Sydney, Australia, November 2020

Halloween in Isolation, Belle Epoque Gallery, Sydney, Australia, October 2020

YAW WAY Mural Festival | Northern Beaches, Sydney, Australia, October 2020

KRVNM Wild Hearts Exhibition, Sydney, Australia, March 20th 2020

NSW Bushfire Fundraiser, Sydney, Australia, January 6th 2020

Living Creatures Art Exhibition, The Hippie Shop, Sydney, Australia, June 8th – 16th, 2019

KRVNM Resurrection, Studio Blueprint, Sydney, Australia, April 12th – 14th, 2019

Objectified | Ambush Gallery | Sydney, Australia, October 11th – 18th, 2019

Midsole Sneaker Exhibition, M2 Gallery, Sydney, Australia, 2018

Secret Walls, The Standard Bowl, Sydney, Australia, November 2017

Framed! Art Exhibition, Blacketts Gallery, Sydney, Australia 2016

Surf & Street Art Exhibition, Hurley Australian Open of Surfing,  Sydney, Australia March 2015

Duke’s Day Celebration; 100 Years of Surfing, Freshwater Beach, Sydney, Australia, 2015

The Last Tree Standing, David Lynch MA Short Film Concept Sketches,  Sydney, Feb 2015

Manly Surf and Street Art Group Exhibition, Painters’ Gallery, Manly, Feb 2015

RAW Sydney Allure Art Show, Sydney University, Sydney, Australia, 2014

I Heart Zombies, Belgrave Cartel, Manly Beach, Australia October 2014

Duke’s Day; 100 Years of Surfing in Australia Live Painting Exhibition, Freshwater, Dec 2014

Surf Art Group Show, Kayapa Creative Studio, North Curl Curl, Dec 2014

Album cover artwork, Rhiannon the Merpire, Sydney, Nov 2014

Chica Bonita Chili Kook Off Group Exhibition, Manly, September 2014

Allure RAW Art Group Exhibition, Sydney, August 2014

Oi Oi Oi Issue 3, ComicOz Publishing, Sydney, August 2014

I <3 Zombies; Original Art of the Living Impaired, Belgrave Cartel, Manly, July 2014

Atelier Hunt Launch, Group Exhibition, Sydney, June 2014

Art Fundraiser for the Philippines, Sydney, November 2013


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