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Hello! My name is Lauren and I am a Designer by day, Illustrator by night! Originally from Oregon, I am now based in Sydney, Australia.

I love drawing comics, dabble in writing and am currently working on my cosy fantasy comic, Side Quest, which you can read here!

As a diagnosed Autistic Artist, I want to help shine a light on Neurodiversity and help create a positive impact for Autistic children. My aim to is portray strong lead characters who are Neurodivergent; how they learn to embrace what makes them unique, as well as help others who are bullied for being “different” or struggling.

My hope is to share stories that will help diversify Neurodivergent Voices within the kidlit world, as well as bring a message of inclusivity.

My stories are for children and adults with Autism, or anyone who has ever felt “weird” or bullied for being “different”.

Art Exhibitions

Manly Zine Fair, Sydney, 2024
Incognito Art Show, Sydney 2024
Amalgam Group Art Show, Manly 2024
Stayfly Sydney 10 Year Anniversary Street Art Jam, Sydney 2023
MOSS Foundation Charity Skateboard Art Show, Sydney 2023
Manly Zine Fair, Sydney, 2023
Papercuts Comic Festival, Adelaide, 2023
“Incognito Art Show”, Sydney, 2023
“Fempocalypse”, Wayward Brewing Co, Sydney, 2023
“Adding Colour” Exhibition, Nabe Art Studio Exhibition, Australia 2023
Portland Art Show, Victoria, Australia 2023
GAS SYD | MYRIAD, Luna Studio, Sydney, Australia 2023
“Petite Pieces” Prize, Aspire Gallery, Brisbane, Australia 2023
Cardboard Box Illustrator Showcase, Online 2022
Belonging, Creative Garage Network, Manly 2022
Midsöle Group Art Exhibition, 2022
Fortheart For the Deckade Exhibition, 2022
Sustainability Waste 2 Art Prize Exhibition, 2022
Moss Foundation Skateboard Deck Art Show, 2022
Day of the Dead, KRVNM, 2020
Halloween in Isolation, Belle Epoque Gallery, 2020
YAW WAY Mural Festival 2020
KRVNM Wild Hearts Exhibition, 2020
NSW Bushfire Fundraiser, 2020
Living Creatures Art Exhibition, The Hippie Shop, 2019
KRVNM Resurrection, Studio Blueprint, 2019
Objectified | Ambush Gallery, 2019
Midsole Sneaker Exhibition, M2 Gallery, 2018
Secret Walls, The Standard Bowl, November 2017
Framed! Art Exhibition, Blacketts Gallery, 2016
Surf & Street Art Exhibition, Hurley Australian Open of Surfing, 2015
Duke’s Day Celebration; 100 Years of Surfing, Freshwater Beach, 2015
The Last Tree Standing, David Lynch MA Short Film Concept Sketches, 2015
Manly Surf and Street Art Group Exhibition, Painters’ Gallery, 2015
RAW Sydney Allure Art Show, Sydney University, 2014
I Heart Zombies, Belgrave Cartel, 2014
Surf Art Group Show, Kayapa Creative Studio, 2014
Chica Bonita Chili Kook Off Group Exhibition, 2014
Allure RAW Art Group Exhibition, 2014
Atelier Hunt Launch, Group Exhibition, 2014

Street Art & Murals

Stayfly Sydney Street Art Mural, Offbeat Collective 2023
ARN Sound Lounge (Assistant Painter for Inkhunter Artist) 2021
YAW WAY Mural Festival 2020
Secret Walls, The Standard Bowl, November 2017

Magazines & Publications

“Hot Diggity Dog, Tails from the Barkside”, Anthology Angels, 2023
Northern Beaches Mums Wave Magazine, Dec 2022
Beaches Cover Magazine, Cover Art 2018
“The Traveler’s Curse”, Oi Oi Oi Issue 3, ComicOz Publishing, 2014
Album cover artwork, Rhiannon the Merpire, 2014

Animation & Film

I’ve Got You, Bus Stop Films, Title Animations, 2023

Dinner Expectations, Bus Stop Films, Title Animations, 2023
Bandshe, Bus Stop Films, Title Animations, 2022
Career Fight, Bus Stop Films, Title Animations, 2022
The Last Tree Standing, David Lynch MA Short Film Concept Sketches, 2015

Let's work together!

Have a question? I would love to hear from you!

Whether you need a custom illustration, a pet portrait for your auntie, a storyboard for your graphic novel pitch or a logo design to set you apart from the crowd, I am here to help!

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