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Lauren Metzler

Lauren Metzler

Artist, Illustrator & Designer

Hello! My name is Lauren and I am a Designer by day, Illustrator by night! Originally from Oregon, I am now based in Sydney, Australia. I love drawing comics, dabble in writing and am currently working on my cosy fantasy comic, Side Quest!

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Side Quest Comic

My new cosy fantasy comic, “Side Quest” is now available on webtoons!

Follow the quiet adventures of Poppy Rowanberry and her friends on their many Side Quests. Whether it’s helping their Autistic dragon friend, Cornelius Scalybottom with noise-cancelling headphones or finding the last hot cocoa in the dark forest, these heartwarming tales are the perfect cosy read!

Mermaid Heart Comic

Mira is a college drop out working a dead end job to nowhere. What happens when a mystical unicorn visits her one night and drops a mermaid heart into her chest? Not only can she suddenly swim across the harbour without breaking a sweat, she finally has the inspiration to study her long lost passion in the art of vegan sushi!

But will she have the courage to tell her crush just how much they have stolen her heart?

Follow Mira as she discovers what it truly takes to have a Mermaid Heart!

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