SWAP Sustainable Waste 2 Art Prize

SWAP Sustainable Waste 2 Art Prize

So excited to be a part of this year’s SWAP Sustainable Waste 2 Art Exhibition!

And so honoured to be selected as one of the Finalists for the Open Category!

There were so many amazing and talented artists creating art to help the environment and climate change!
Feeling so humbled that my little Uber Eats Polar Bear painting was selected for this exhibition and so inspired to keep making Recycled Art!

About SWAP Waste 2 Art Exhibition: 

“SWAP is a chance to express your creativity through re-purposing rubbish and recovered materials. At a time when reducing waste is more important than ever, SWAP presents a fun opportunity to learn new skills and explore the artistic potential of items you would usually throw away, as well as improve awareness of the environmental issues our world is currently facing.

Over 70 shortlisted artworks and design objects made from upcycled waste materials will be on exhibition at See Street Gallery, Meadowbank TAFE from Friday 2 September to Thursday 15 September 2022. Gallery hours: 11am-4pm Tuesdays to Saturdays. The artworks can also be viewed online via a virtual tour until 30 September 2022.”


SWAP Sustainable Waste 2 Art Prize 2022

SWAP Sustainable Waste 2 Art Prize finalist Lauren Metzler

Lauren Metzler SWAP Sustainable Waste 2 Art Prize


Be sure to check out the virtual exhibition here; https://swapvirtualexhibition.com.au/viewer/2k22

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