Mermaids & Murals

Mermaids and murals, my life so far in 2024!

I started off the year with a Mermaid Mural for Stayfly Sydney‘s 10 Year Anniversary, along with dozens of amazing female artists from Sydney. Taking over an alley in Marickville, we painted our hearts out, vibed out to great live dj beats, and had so many heartfelt conversations about art, life and mermaids!

a mural of cartoon siren mermaids with skulls and bright colours


This was followed by the Amalgam Art Show in Manly! I had a blast hanging out with other local artists, painting cutesy, cozy mermaids on skateboards and unicorns on surfboards. Such a good time!



Some process photos from my studio;


I also started Mermaids 4 Mental Health…a new art project to help spread Mental Health Awareness, both above water and below! You can check out the project here and here


Stay tuned for more updates!


Papercuts Comic Festival

So excited to be a part of the Papercuts Comic Festival this weekend in Adelaide! I’m flying down from Sydney on Friday morning and can’t wait to spend the weekend with amazing comic artists from all over Australia and the World!

I’ll be selling my new zine, Side Quest as well as bookmarks, stickers and more! So make sure to come by and say Hello on Sunday!

I’ve been drawing my comic, Side Quest for my 100 Days of Graphic Novels challenge 

You can follow my Quest to finish my dream of making my comic for 100 Days on insta and Tiktok!

100 Days of Graphic Novels – Day 71

Day 71 / 100 I have a confession to make…

This is my third attempt to make a webtoon, but you know what they say!

Every failure or bump along the road is the path towards achieving your goal.

I’m super happy that I have this challenge to keep me focused on my goal, even though that goal has slightlyyy changed!

I should probably call it 100 Days of Webtoons now, eh? 😅

My dream is to make a consistent webtoon comic with a structured schedule of when I post new chapters and stick to it!

That is the hardest part for me! Consistency! 💜

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100 Days of Graphic Novels – Day 28

Day 28 of 100 Days of Graphic Novels 📚

Just some cosy morning drawing right before I spill my coffee everywhere! This week is starting off strong, I can’t believe I’ve accomplished so much in so little time! This weekend I attended the CYA Conference online and was so inspired by all of the amazing presenters and Success Stories! I feel like I am on the right path towards accomplishing my goal of making my first graphic novel!

100 Days of Graphic Novels Day 28

As an Illustrator, I struggle with imposter syndrome all of the time. And as a wannabe author, even more so! My dream is to write and draw a graphic novel, so now I have to get over my imposter syndrome for both illustration AND writing! An important lesson I learned during the workshops this weekend is to just fake it til you make it, and know that everyone started somewhere. The key is to just begin…and keep going!
Day 28 of 100 Days of Graphic Novels by Lauren Metzler

I hope these little posts help inspire you to keep going, with whatever passion project you are working on!
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Lauren Metzler 100 Days of Graphic Novels

100 Days of Graphic Novels – Day 20

Today is Day 20 of 100 Days of Graphic Novels! Nearly a quarter of the way through this challenge, and so I wanted to share a little update and document what I’ve done so far.

So far, I’ve written and storyboarded the first two chapters of my graphic novel, including dialogue. This was my favourite part!

100 Days of Graphic Novels First, I found all of my old sketches from the past year and compiled them all together to write out the first few scenes.

Then I wrote a script in a proper word document (which is something I never do, eeeeep!)

From there, I started drawing out the character design for my first two characters I knew were a part of my storyline.

Then I had a few fun brainstorming sessions, drawing only with pen or getting inspiration from my favourite series and movies. I started focusing on the non-human characters of my story…which was super fun!
100 Days of Graphic Novels

I drew out a map of the Kingdom, and finally found the name for it! I literally woke up one morning and had the idea come out of nowhere! Which was very exciting.

I also made this little mock cover for my graphic novel, using an old book. I drew a fake cover and stuck it on, then surrounded it with all of my character designs and sketches in a short of shrine to my graphic novel…haha!

I love world-building and developing characters from scratch, its been so fun finally putting all of these ideas to paper! And I am only on Day 20! It makes me wonder where I will be up to on say Day 80 or even 100!

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100 Days of Graphic Novels – Day 1

I’ve started a 100 Days of Graphic Novels challenge to help me grow as an illustrator and keep me focused on my goals of completing my first fantasy graphic novel! ⚔️

I’ve always wanted to make a graphic novel, but life seems to always get in the way or I start and then get too scared at sucking at it. So I decided to push myself this year and really make some changes, including the habit of drawing everyday to complete my first fantasy graphic novel, Larp Lady!

Join me as I take on #100daysofgraphicnovels where I’ll be sharing my journey, inspiration and what I learn along the way! ✍️

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Happy cozy drawing!

100 Days of Graphic Novels blog
100 Days of Graphic Novels
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Mermaid Heart Comic

I am so excited to share with you my new comic, Mermaid Heart ! A new comic about Mermaids, by a real-life Mermaid!

“Mira is a college drop out working a dead end job to nowhere. What happens when a mystical unicorn visits her one night and drops a mermaid heart into her chest? Not only can she suddenly swim across the harbour without breaking a sweat, she finally has the inspiration to study her long-lost passion in the art of vegan sushi!


But will she have the courage to tell her crush just how much they have stolen her heart?

Follow Mira as she discovers what it truly takes to have a Mermaid Heart!

Read More Here!

Mermaid Heart graphic novel by Lauren Metzler

Mermaid Heart comic

SWAP Sustainable Waste 2 Art Prize

So excited to be a part of this year’s SWAP Sustainable Waste 2 Art Exhibition!

And so honoured to be selected as one of the Finalists for the Open Category!

There were so many amazing and talented artists creating art to help the environment and climate change!
Feeling so humbled that my little Uber Eats Polar Bear painting was selected for this exhibition and so inspired to keep making Recycled Art!

About SWAP Waste 2 Art Exhibition: 

“SWAP is a chance to express your creativity through re-purposing rubbish and recovered materials. At a time when reducing waste is more important than ever, SWAP presents a fun opportunity to learn new skills and explore the artistic potential of items you would usually throw away, as well as improve awareness of the environmental issues our world is currently facing.

Over 70 shortlisted artworks and design objects made from upcycled waste materials will be on exhibition at See Street Gallery, Meadowbank TAFE from Friday 2 September to Thursday 15 September 2022. Gallery hours: 11am-4pm Tuesdays to Saturdays. The artworks can also be viewed online via a virtual tour until 30 September 2022.”

SWAP Sustainable Waste 2 Art Prize 2022

SWAP Sustainable Waste 2 Art Prize finalist Lauren Metzler

Lauren Metzler SWAP Sustainable Waste 2 Art Prize


Be sure to check out the virtual exhibition here;

Want to try out a Recycled Art workshop? Check out my portfolio and contact me to get started! I look forward to hearing from you!

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